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Pro 2000 Filter: Can a reusable mask filter block a virus?

The short answer is yes, in most cases the Pro 2000 PF10 P3 filter can protect the user from viruses.

There are, of course, some things to consider when looking at the efficiency to filter out viruses though.

The filter is an incredibly fine mesh which works by blocking the virus particles from coming through and meeting the user. Many virus particles are big enough for the mesh to block them. However, there are likely to be instances when the contaminant you are looking to protect against is in fact small enough to get through the mesh. This is why it is vital to check the Scott Safety ‘Filter Selection Guide’ for your particular needs.

The Scott Safety ‘Filter Selection Guide’ can be found here 

Whilst the Pro 2000 filter will offer protection against some viral contaminants, it is important to consider the risk factors that may affect this protection. For example, the concentration of the virus in the environment, the filter’s capacity, breathing volume, and the humidity & temperature of the air you are working in. All of these can impact the filters ability to keep you safe and should be considered before beginning work in a hazardous environment.

Another point to remember is that the mask which your filter is paired with must be correctly fitted and worn to provide optimum protection.

Guidance on Face Fit Testing can be found here 

You can read Beacon’s guide to Face Fit Tests here 

More about the filter:

Scott Safety’s Pro 2000 PF10 P3 Particle Filter has exceptionally low breathing resistance to provide comfortable and long duration use.

The Pro2000 half mask filters are compatible with EN148-1 full face masks and half masks. The standard 40mm thread makes it suitable for use on the Proflow and Autoflow PAPR systems, the entire Full Face Mask range, and the Aviva 40Half Mask.

The Pro2000 respirator filters offer protection against Solid and liquid particles of toxic agents, radioactive substances and micro-organisms, e.g. bacteria and viruses. Suitable for asbestos handling and removal.

It is important to take good care of your dust mask filter and pay close attention to care advice provided by Scott Safety:

The filter will not ‘wear out’, but will clogged with particles and moisture. It is vital to replace your Scott filter when breathing resistance has become increased.
Single use is recommended when your filter has been used to protect you against radioactive substances or micro-organisms.
Scott particle filters use only microfibre ‘paper’ media and, therefore, do not use any electrostatic filtering methods.
Shelf life for Scott particle filters is 10 years. Please inspect the packaging of your filter is intact and in date before use.

These Scott filters are fully EN approved to the latest standards, marked ‘R’ for re-usable (EN 143:2000/ A1:2006), CE certified, and connect via a 40 mm EN148-1 thread. CE approvals: EN143 CE0121.

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