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Face Fit Testing Midlands

Beacon International, Desborough, Northamptonshire, is centrally located and has an experienced team to deliver face fitting of respiratory protective equipment (RPE). Our team of face fitters is trained to Fit2Fit standards. We also stock full masks, half masks, and powered and non-powered respirators on-site. For more information, contact the branch.

Step 1: Schedule Your Face Fit Test at Beacon International Desborough, Northamptonshire

To ensure the proper fit and effectiveness of your respiratory protective equipment (RPE), schedule your face fit test at Beacon International Desborough, by following these steps:

1. Click on the date on the calendar block.
2. Choose your preferred time slot from the dropdown menu.
3. Select ‘Book Now’ to confirm your appointment.

Our experienced team of face fitters, trained to Fit2Fit standards, will assist you during your scheduled test to ensure your RPE is properly fitted and provides optimal protection.

Step 2: Arrive Prepared for Your Face Fit Test

Before your test, make sure you are clean-shaven, as facial hair can hinder the seal of the mask to your face. If you already have masks, our team will check them on the day to ensure they meet the relevant standards. We also stock a range of masks on-site for purchase or replacement.

Step 3: Experience a Quick and Thorough Face Fit Test

During the test, our expert fitters will assess the fit of your mask to your face. This process typically takes around 20 minutes per mask. If you require multiple masks to be fitted, please book a 20-minute block for each mask. Our goal is to ensure your proper protection and minimize the risk of inhaling harmful materials.

Don’t compromise on your safety. Schedule your face fit test at Beacon International Desborough, Northamptonshire today to safeguard your long-term health.

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