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DOP, Pat and Airflow Testing

At Beacon International, we have the expertise to service and D.O.P. all makes of asbestos removal equipment.

All Negative Pressure Units and “H” Type Vacuum Cleaners MUST be D.O.P. tested every six months whether they have been used or not and If the machine has been dropped or damaged in any way.

Our philosophy is that just testing a machine is not enough. At Beacon International we offer comprehensive service facilities.

What are the different tests?

DOP TESTED (Dispersed Oil Particulate) – This will confirm that there are no leaks in the HEPA filter or seals in the machine.
P.A.T. TESTED (Portable Appliance Testing) – This checks that there is an earth bond.
AMPERAGE TESTED – Gives you an amperage reading, which lets you know which size transformer you will need.
AIRFLOW TESTED (NPU) – We can determine if your HEPA filter is blocked from this test.
VACUUM TESTED (Vacs) – The amount of vacuum created tells us if your HEPA filter and support bags are in good order.

Why do a DOP, Pat and Airflow Test?


Every machine goes through our purpose-built decontamination unit where it will be thoroughly cleaned, bags and pre-filters will be replaced as required and the H.E.P.A. filter will be visually inspected. Once the machine has fully decontaminated, motors and internal wiring will be checked.

Service Records

Your machine will be booked into our customer database from which we will generate a service report, test certificates and service reminders. Each service carried out becomes a permanent record on our system where we store test results, customer and plant details. Replacement certificates can be generated should you lose the originals. A service reminder will be sent to you approximately three weeks before the next service is due.


Collect and return service is available covering the whole of England and Wales.

How do I prepare?

  • Please ensure vacuums are double bagged and negative pressure units have the transit plates fixed and sealed
  • Please ensure vacuums have waste removed and negative pressure units have clean filters fitted