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We are thrilled to announce that Beacon International has acquired Decontamination Respiratory Services, a well-respected and innovative business in Birmingham. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in our growth journey and reinforces our commitment to expanding our regional footprint.

Decontamination Respiratory Services has established a strong reputation for excellence and shares our customer-centricity, innovation, and quality values. Combining our strengths can deliver even greater value to our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Enhanced Asbestos Plant Hire and Sales

One key benefit of this acquisition is the enhancement of our asbestos plant hire and sales offerings. Our Birmingham branch will now provide extensive asbestos removal equipment, including negative pressure units, air monitoring devices, and decontamination units. Our products are designed to ensure safety and efficiency in asbestos removal projects. For more details, please visit our Asbestos Plant category page.

Expanded Mask and Filter Selection

Additionally, we are excited to offer an expanded selection of high-quality Masks and Filters. Our range includes full-face and half-face masks, as well as a variety of filters to ensure optimal respiratory protection in hazardous environments. 

Comprehensive Tapes Range

Our Birmingham branch also stocks a comprehensive range of Tapes, including asbestos warning, duct, and high-tack adhesive tapes. These tapes are crucial for sealing off contaminated areas, securing protective sheeting, and ensuring the safety of work environments.


We proudly introduce our range of Numatic H Class Vacuums and SafeChange H Class Vacuums designed for asbestos and hazardous material removal. Our selection includes industrial HEPA vacuums with the highest dust control and decontamination standards. 

Professional Face Fit Testing Services

Finally, we are pleased to enhance our offerings with professional face fit testing services. Ensuring that respiratory protective equipment fits correctly is crucial for worker safety. Our Birmingham branch provides comprehensive face fit testing to guarantee that all masks meet safety standards and provide adequate protection. 

Our commitment remains to maintain the high standards of service and excellence that both companies are known for. 

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our company.


Unit E43, Hastingwood Business Park, Wood Lane, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 9QR, West Midlands, 0121 386 6804

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