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RPE Inspection Training

We offer respiratory protective equipment (RPE) inspection training to equip individuals with carrying out thorough monthly inspections on their and their team’s masks which the HSE states should be done on all non-disposable equipment.

It is essential that operatives carry out a pre-use checks on their RPE daily to ensure it is in safe working order. It is also a HSE requirement to carry out more comprehensive checks on your or your team’s non-disposable masks monthly. This needs to be carried out by a trained person who knows how to spot key signs of wear and tear and check if critical parts require replacement, e.g. valves, batteries, visors, and motors. In some instances, equipment may then need a full performance test, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Beacon offers RPE inspection training which is designed to equip you or your team with a competent person to carry out the monthly checks.  

It will cover:

  • Usual places to check for damage
  • How to check the different valves
  • Checking batteries and motors
  • Where to check for wear and tear

We think it is beneficial for anyone wearing or using masks, especially when working with hazardous materials to be competent in checking their equipment as things can get damaged or break at any time.

How long does RPE inspection training take?

Training will take around an hour, depending on existing knowledge and experience of RPE.

How much does it cost?

Training costs £50 per person

Where is the training?

Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) inspection training is carried out at one of our depots in London, Leeds or the Midlands. However, if you would like on-site training, please contact your local depot, where one of the team will be happy to quote you.

Why do RPE inspection training?

Safety First

Masks are crucial in protecting workers on-site, and ensuring they are in safe working order is imperative. Equipping teams to check their RPE properly is invaluable for their protection.

Personalised Service

We provide all attendees with a certificate for their or their company’s records as proof of competency.

Convenient & Professional

Our trainers can provide free impartial advice as to the best mask suited to your specific situation and environment.

How do I prepare?

  • Please ensure masks arrive clean and free of contaminates
  • Please ensure the battery and blower are provided with the mask
  • Please ensure all serial numbers are visible so that they can be recorded accurately