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Reliable Respirator Mask Testing

Respirator Mask Testing is essential for anyone working with asbestos to provide protection from harmful particles in the air. But while choosing a high-quality respirator mask from a trusted manufacturer is important, making sure that the mask is working properly is crucial. So use our respirator mask testing service to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Our face mask testing service is carried out by our trained engineers who carry out a quick and accurate test to determine whether the RPE mask is working correctly. Using our specialist equipment, we will test each mask individually and ensure it is in excellent working order. We will report back to you on any problems we discover, so you never put yourself or your team at risk. RPE mask testing is carried out at one of our depots or on-site, whichever is most convenient for you.

Don’t take risks with the health and safety of your team, and use our protective face mask testing service to ensure full protection when working with asbestos.

Why do a respirator mask testing?

Best Protection Guarantee

All masks are tested on our portacount pro machines and have to meet a minimum pass criteria, this is the only way to ensure your mask does not leak giving you the best guaranteed protection.

Personalised Service

A certificate will be generated with your serial number and mask details and provided with your personal test data.

Convenient & Professional

Our engineers can provide free impartial advice as to the best mask suited to your specific situation and environment.

How do I prepare?

  • Please ensure masks arrive clean and free of contaminates
  • Please ensure the battery and blower are provided with the mask
  • Please ensure all serial numbers are visible so that they can be recorded accurately