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Congratulations to staff members Shannon and Louis, for achieving their Fit2Fit accreditations

Celebrating Excellence and Adherence to Standards in Asbestos Removal

In the ever-evolving landscape of the asbestos removal industry, the spotlight often highlights the need for uncompromising adherence to safety and training standards.

Recently, two of our team members, Louis Butler and Shannon Saitch, have exemplified this commitment by achieving their Fit2Fit accreditations. 

Louis and Shannon’s success comes at a pivotal time amidst recent clarifications from ARCA and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regarding the validity of training and the competence assessments for face fit testing. Their achievements underscore the importance of such standards, reflecting our collective commitment to meeting and exceeding the benchmarks set forth by regulatory bodies. 

At Beacon, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards regarding our team’s training, assessment, and safety. The recent accolades achieved by our members are a testament to this ethos. Recognising and celebrating such milestones is crucial in an industry where safety is paramount. Louis and Shannon’s Fit2Fit accreditations are not just personal achievements but are indicative of Beacon’s overarching commitment to excellence and compliance. 

Ensuring Safety with Beacon’s Fit2Fit Accredited Services 

To support our commitment to safety, excellence and standards in asbestos removal, Beacon International offers Fit2Fit accredited face fit testing services for respiratory protective equipment at our depots in London, Bristol, Desborough, and Leeds.

Recognising the importance of accessibility and convenience for our clients, we also provide a mobile service, bringing our expertise directly to your site. Each fitting is conducted with the utmost care to ensure you and your team are correctly protected, embodying our pledge to meet and exceed safety standards.

Whether you need individual fittings or want to ensure the safety of your entire team, Beacon is ready to help.

Contact us today to arrange your face fit testing and join us in setting a standard for safety and compliance in the industry. 

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