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When Should Safety Glasses Be Worn in the Workplace?

In the wake of rising workplace hazards, we ask what you should consider when choosing Safety Glasses for the Workplace. Understanding when to wear PPE is a matter of compliance and personal responsibility. As we’ve discussed in our recent blog on asbestos safety, maintaining a safe work environment lies with those in charge. This includes…

Beacon UK mobile decontamination unit

What is the difference between a mobile and modular decontamination unit?

The difference between mobile decontamination units and modular decontamination units is mobile units are facilities in a caravan style that can be towed. In contrast, modular decontamination showers are flat-packed for quick erection. Modular units can also come in different configurations, such as straight and L-Shape. Mobile units can also be slightly larger, allowing for more comfortable and thorough…

What type of coveralls should I use to protect me against hazardous substances?

What type of coverall should I use? There can be many reasons to use protective clothing, in particular the different types of coveralls. In most situations our bodies are effectively protected by our regular clothes and our skin. However, in some circumstances, we are subjected to environments and substances that are more harsh than day-to-day…

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