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X-Tex: A How-To DIY Guide

How to Use X-Tex Artex Remover?

Trade Strip X-Tex is designed for the safe removal of textured coatings such as Artex, without the disruption to potentially hazardous fibres such as asbestos.

Prior to the 1990s potentially dangerous substances such as asbestos were used in a range of textured coatings and finishes, so it is essential that the relevant precautions are taken when working with these materials. If there is any doubt, then it is recommended that you consult with a professional.

Trade Strip X-Tex is a water-based Artex remover that takes the ‘tough not toxic’ stance for removing all types of textured coatings safely and effectively. Due to its’ non-toxic properties, it can be used in enclosed spaces without high levels of ventilation.

Instructions for use:

  • Apply the X-Tex Artex Remover to coated walls and ceilings. We recommend this is painted on. The Polytex solution sticks to all types of vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as walls and ceilings.  This ensures a good even coverage can be achieved. 

Once applied to the textured coating, the X-Tex will need to be left for around 15-30 minutes.

  • How long X-Tex needs to be left on an Artex or textured coating before scraping will be dependent on the condition of the wall or ceiling and if it has been subjected to multiple layers of paint over the years. 

Where there are additional layers of paint, it is estimated that removing the Artex coatings with X-Tex will take approximately 1 hour. For tougher, multi-layered surfaces, X-Tex can be applied and allowed to overnight. If attempting to remove a very stubborn surface then score it first with a blade or apply a layer of  X-Tex and cover with foil to prevent it from drying out.  Leave to stand and absorb overnight.

  • After the X-Tex has been applied and left to absorb, the coating should now be ready for scraping off the wall or ceiling. It’s advised that surfaces are covered, and floor protection is used to prevent damage when scrapping off the moist coatings.    
  • When the coating has finally been removed from your surfaces, clear up all the scrapings.  These will need to be disposed of safely, which means putting them in the regulated asbestos bags and sealed.  The bags can now be taken to your local waste recycling centre.  Most centres will accept asbestos waste, however, it is recommended you check before going down.

Trade Strip X-Tex Remover is the ideal non-hazardous, non-toxic solution for safe DIY Artex or textured coating removal.  It is also non-flammable, non-combustible, and will not burn the skin if accidentally exposed. Safe to use in a wide range of environments such as homes and is not dangerous to use around children and pets.

Beacon has over 30 years’ experience working within the asbestos removal industry, if you have any questions about this or the associated products required for the safe removal of potentially hazardous materials, please don’t hesitate to contact your local depot.  Our teams are always happy to help.

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