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Understanding Your Role in Asbestos Safety

Asbestos management is a crucial responsibility that affects a wide range of individuals and organisations, from building owners to landlords and those responsible for maintenance. With regulations set forth by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it’s essential to understand who is accountable for managing the risks associated with Asbestos in various premises.

Who is Responsible?

The duty to manage Asbestos encompasses all non-domestic premises, including industrial, commercial, and public buildings such as factories, warehouses, offices, shops, hospitals, and schools. This responsibility also extends to the ‘common parts’ of multi-occupancy domestic buildings, like corridors, foyers, and staircases in purpose-built flats.

Where Does This Responsibility Lie?

Building Owners:

  • Landlords
  • Facility Managers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
    • Non-Domestic Premises:

      • Building Owners
      • Landlords
      • Facility Managers
      • Maintenance Supervisors
        • Public Buildings:

          • Heads of Institutions (e.g., Hospitals, Schools)
          • Facility Directors
            • Multi-Occupied Buildings:

              • Managing Agents
              • Leaseholders
                • Understanding who is responsible is crucial for effective asbestos management, safeguarding health, and ensuring legal compliance.

                  The Importance of Cooperation

                  Effective asbestos management requires cooperation between all parties involved, including those working on the building. Building owners and duty holders must work closely with tenants, leaseholders, and any managing agents to ensure the regulations are fully complied with. This cooperative approach ensures that asbestos risks are managed effectively, protecting the health and safety of everyone involved.

                  Next Steps

                  Understanding your responsibility in asbestos management is the first step toward ensuring safety and compliance. In our upcoming posts, we’ll explore how specific solutions offered by Beacon International Ltd can support duty holders in fulfilling these responsibilities, providing practical tools and resources for effective asbestos management.

                  If you have an immediate need or need more information on managing the discovery of Asbestos, please visit the HSE’s next steps for more details.

                  For a list of campaign assets that can be used in the workplace, please visit Workright for the Asbestos: campaign assets.

                  We have assembled an Equipment and Consumables Guide PDF that is FREE to download, that talks about the importance of selecting and adequately using specialised tools and materials to prevent asbestos fibres from becoming airborne. This ensures compliance with safety standards.

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