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Combined logos of Beacon International and Kerstar, symbolizing their new partnership, with the tagline 'A New Chapter of Innovation

Expanding Our Range: Introducing the Beacon Kerstar Vacuums

At Beacon International Ltd., we’re unwavering in our efforts to broaden our product portfolio, constantly seeking robust solutions that meet your industrial settings’ rigorous and varied demands. With this goal in mind, we’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of select models from the esteemed Kerstar Range of Vacuums. These are now part of what we proudly call the ‘Beacon Kerstar Range’.

The Kerstar Legacy

Kerstar has long been a respected name in the industrial vacuum industry. Known for its innovative designs, resilience, and unwavering commitment to quality, it resonates with our principles, making integrating these models into our expanded product range seamless.

The Dry Models Range

Our Beacon Kerstar dry vacuum range is versatile, efficient, and specifically designed to tackle industrial-grade tasks. These models suit various scenarios, from commercial sites to demanding industrial workplaces. Here’s a glimpse of the dry models soon to be available:

  • Beacon Kerstar KV5/1
  • Beacon Kerstar KV10/1, KV10/1 S
  • Beacon Kerstar KV15/1
  • Beacon Kerstar KV18/1
  • Beacon Kerstar KV 20, KV25, KV30, KV45, K50 – 1&2 motor variants and all S(socket) variants.

Wet/Dry Models Range

Beacon Kerstar’s wet/dry vacuum range is designed to cope with many scenarios. They can handle both dry debris and liquid spills and offer an excellent choice for environments that require a flexible and robust approach to site maintenance. Our range includes:

  • Beacon Kerstar KV20, KV25, KV30, KV45, K50 – 1&2 motor variants
  • Beacon Kerstar KV100/2 W/D, KV100/2 WP – 1&2 motor variants
  • Beacon Kerstar KSV45/2 W, KSV45/2 C – 1&2 motor variants

Class H Models

We’ve incorporated Beacon Kerstar’s Class H models into our range for sites requiring specialised cleaning measures. These vacuums are engineered to safely handle hazardous dust, making them crucial for sectors where such substances are encountered. Our Class H range includes:

  • Beacon Kerstar KV10/1 H
  • Beacon Kerstar KV15/1 H, KV18/1 H
  • Beacon Kerstar KV20/1 & 2 H, KV25/1 & 2 H, KV30/1 & 2 H, KV45/1 & 2 H, KV50/1 & 2 H

We are eager to bring these additions to our portfolio, bolstering our commitment to offering comprehensive solutions for various industrial tasks. While these models are being prepared for launch on our website, we are excited to share this news with you.

Interested in learning more about how our new Beacon Kerstar Range can meet your site-specific requirements? Our team is ready to provide you with all the information you need. Please express your interest, and one of our representatives will connect with you shortly.

Thank you for your ongoing trust in Beacon International Ltd. We look forward to delivering exceptional products and services that help you conquer the tasks.