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Beacon International Christmas Opening Hours

Beacon Christmas Business Hours

As the festive season draws in, we would like to make all our customers aware of the business opening hours to minimise any disruptions to your service.  We will be closed from the 23rd December 2021, this is the last day for placing orders for delivery on the 4th January 2022.  The last day for…

Draining a Beacon decontamination unit

How to drain a decontamination unit in winter?

A decontamination unit is drained by opening the valves at the source and letting the water run out of the system, i.e. sinks, showers, water tanks and boilers. All drainage areas are designed to get wet and can be carried out from a parked position. If there are going to be larger volumes of water,…

Beacon UK mobile decontamination unit

What is the difference between a mobile and modular decontamination unit?

The difference between mobile decontamination units and modular decontamination units is mobile units are facilities in a caravan style that can be towed. In contrast, modular decontamination showers are flat-packed for quick erection. Modular units can also come in different configurations, such as straight and L-Shape. Mobile units can also be slightly larger, allowing for more comfortable and thorough…

importance of having a proper face fit test

Why is it important to have a face fit test?

It is important to have a ‘Face Fit’ test as this ensures you and your team are properly protected from any hazardous materials on site. Increasing awareness of the damaging impacts of exposure to dust particles on construction sites highlights the importance of not just wearing a mask but wearing a properly fitted mask. Individual…

Dust Kills, Health and Safety Executive Campaign

Dust Kills Campaign by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

What is the Dust Kills Campaign? The Dust Kills Campaign is an initiative launched by the HSE to raise awareness of the dangers of inhaling dust particles within the construction industry. They will be visiting sites of all sizes, from smaller projects to major commercial developments, over the month of October to ensure there are appropriate measures…

How to remove Artex coatings

How to remove Artex coatings?

Artex can be removed by applying water based technologies such as X-Tex to remove the decorative coating from ceilings or walls. However it is important to do this properly and carefully and ensuring limited disturbance to the coatings as they can contain asbestos.

Beacon UK Decontamination

Should a business hire or buy mobile decontamination units?

Decontamination units are a considerable investment for any business but an essential part of all licensed asbestos removal projects for contractors, that means you need to have them to carry out any work to complying with HSE guidelines.   Depending on the size of a business contributing factors such as budget, number of projects a business…

What are the regulations for filtering asbestos fibres in water?

UK health and safety legislation requires any water contaminated with asbestos fibres to be filtered before it returns to mains drainage. Decontamination units provided for operatives working with asbestos-containing material inevitably will have contaminated water draining through them. On a larger scale, should any area of a building containing asbestos be at risk of flooding,…

Beacon’s Contribution During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID -19 pandemic has taken its toll on us all, the impact has been profound, and the consequences are certain to be felt for years to come. As individuals and businesses, we have had to adapt to the challenging environment we have found ourselves. I wanted to give some personal insight into the past…