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What is a H class vacuum cleaner?

H class vacuum cleaners are vacuum cleaners designed to clean up hazardous materials such as asbestos or other dust particles that should not be inhaled on-site. They are fitted with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) pre-filters which then collect the dust particles in a dust bag or sealed pod. Depending on the type of h class vacuum cleaner, some will still need to be used within a controlled environment. H class vacuum cleaners have British standards. They need to be manufactured and serviced at regular intervals to ensure they remain in safe working order. If they are being hired, your supplier must provide you with relevant certification for maintenance.

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SafeChange vacuum cleaners allow for the safe clean up of hazardous materials outside of a controlled environment. This is due to their seal pod design which ensures particles cannot be released into the environment. When the pod is full, it can be removed and safely disposed of without disrupting any hazardous materials that have been cleaned up. This is unique to other similar products which use bags.

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Most vacuum cleaners in this range are for dry use only and should not suck up water in any larger volumes. Specific products should be bought or hired for these purposes.

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