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Sandpaper 5 Metre (Various Weights)

product Sandpaper 5 Metre (Various Weights) thumbnail

Aluminium Oxide abrasive rolls are ideal for preparing surfaces before painting, and can be used on wood, metal or plastics. The rolls are ideally...

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Stockinette Multi Colour 2 Kilo

product Stockinette Multi Colour 2 Kilo thumbnail

Supersoft 100% Cotton, ideal for cleaning and commercial use.

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200ml Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

product 200ml Alcohol Hand Sanitiser  thumbnail

Protect your hands when you are out and about. The quick drying formulation kills bacteria fast whilst leaving your hands feeling clean....

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Disposable Shower Towels (Pk 100)

product Disposable Shower Towels (Pk 100) thumbnail

The disposable shower towels are made from natural fibres. There are no toxins or chemicals in these towels. 75cm x 76cm  = 0.57sqm

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Mixed 'T' Shirt Rags (10Kg Bale)

product Mixed 'T' Shirt Rags (10Kg Bale) thumbnail

A general purpose light weight and economical wiping cloth suitable for engineering, automotive mechanical and marine industries. Cut cotton/poly...

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Coloured Towelling Rags (10Kg)

product Coloured Towelling Rags (10Kg) thumbnail

Heavy weight wiper with high absorbency qualities. Used for oil, water and chemical spillages. Suitable for chemical and paint manufacturing cleaning...

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Wonder Wipes Tub (100)

product Wonder Wipes Tub (100) thumbnail

Multi-Use Wonder Wipes have become the first choice wipe of the nations builders and tradesmen. Specially formulated to clean hands, tools and...

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400ml Shower Gel

product 400ml Shower Gel thumbnail

Original Source - 400ml Shower Gel - Lemon & Tea Tree

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12.5mm Green PVC Reinf. Hose 30M

product 12.5mm Green PVC Reinf. Hose 30M thumbnail

Polyester fibre reinforced PVC watering hose. 3-ply construction for extra strength. Kink resistant 1/2" dia in accordance with BS3746.

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Nail brush (Double Sided)

product Nail brush (Double Sided) thumbnail

A small brush with firm bristles on both sides, used for scrubbing the hands and cleaning...

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Scouring Pads (Pk 10)

product Scouring Pads (Pk 10) thumbnail

A small pad of metal or plastic mesh used for scouring a surface.

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Cleaning Sponge

product Cleaning Sponge thumbnail

A cleaning aid or tool. They are especially good at absorbing water and water based solutions.

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